Friday, 18 November 2011


Hye readers and bloggers .
im fine , how about you all ?
ehhhmmm , a few a days ago someone posted to my facebook's wall .
she is wondering after seeing my profile picture and asking me .
she saw this 
what would you thinking the hell about ??
is that tatoo ??
why so freaky ??
what the hell she is doing about ??

Nabilla AreBell is my boyfriend's little sister .
she is wondering is that me really tatoo-ing ?
so , the answer no darl .
actually during discussion in the library , 
my friends , Qita did marked to me , i ask her to doodle 'f' that is mean frequency .
in statistic you will learn this . ahahh !
it is also stand for Farid . 
my boyfie "Chenta Haty"
n now you know the real story :)
don't have to make any assumption before you know the real story . 
i love her because she ask to me directly and not making own assumption about the picture . 
so , she there is no misunderstandings  .
so guys , 
if you see anything and you curious ,
 you should follow like she did by asking directly and not making your own story .
okay ?
Thanks all .
Love yaa :)

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