Thursday, 29 September 2011

Telekung Bersawang

Hye all ,
today gua ganas plak aku nk story cerita kelakar !
sumpah kelakar !
betol owkay . 

watak2: A , B , C n D
tempat: bilik si A , C n D
masa: xtentu

Alkisahh bermulaa . .
sedang A study utk final exam, B dtg bilik tu .
so dorg study same-2 .
sedang khusyuk-2 study tba-2 A n B terkejut n menjerit  Argghhh !
sebab ape mereka terkejut ??
rupa-2nya ade labah-2 .
tp labah-2 tuw buat web dia kat telekung ! bersawang telekung tu ! telekung tu milik C !
Si B: bersawang nok !
Si A: HAHA , a'ah laa .
Si B: nampak sangaaattttt . . . (dah lame tak solat mksud dia)
Si A; aku pon baru perasan. (simpan laa telekung klu xguna, ni smpai bersawang)
tp Si C xbangun lg xtwu laa dgr ke x perbualan mereka .


sedang Si A n D kemas-2 bilik alihkan brg .
Si A: weyh, keluarkan brg . aku nk buang sawang at syiling .
Si D;okay, ehh bersawang laa telekung C .byk sgt labah-2 laa bilik niyh .
Si A; nihh perli ke pe ?
Si A n Si D: HAHAHHAAH (gelak sama-2)
mereka teruskan mengemas sampai C balik bilik .

p/s: kwn-2 jgn tinggal solat tau . kalau xguna telekung tu simpan at almari . xpsl-2 bersawang n berhabuk .
renung-2 kan selamat beramal :)

How to Detect Hidden Camera in Changing Room?

Make sure that your mobile phone can make a call.
Then enter into the changing room and try to make a call
If you can't make a call , There is a hidden camera !
this is due to the interference of fiber optic  cable during the signal transfer .

when we visit toilets, bathrooms, hotel rooms, changing room or etc. how many of you know for sure the seemingly ordinary mirror hanging on the wall is a real mirror or actually a 2-way mirror? there have been many cases of people installing 2-way mirrors in female changing rooms or bathroom or bedrooms. it is very difficult to positively identify the surface by just looking at it. so, how we do determine with any amount of certainty what type of mirror we are looking at ?

1)place the tip of your fingernail against the reflective surface and if there is a gap between your fingernail and the image of the nail, then it is a genuine mirror.
2) if your fingernail directly touches the image of your nail, then beware, it is a 2-way mirror !
3)the reason there is a gap on areal mirror, is because the silver is on the back of the mirror under the glass.
4) whereas wit 2-way mirror, the silver is on the surface. Keep it mind !
5)make sure and check every time you enter in hotel rooms.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011


i really love quotes that can motivate me and give me spirit :)

History does not repeat itself, it can only be used for purpose of reference, therefore learn from your past mistakes.

Life is short but a smile takes barely a second.
-Cuban Proverb
Habit, if not resisted, soon becomes necessity.
  -Saint Agustine  
The longer I live, the more beautiful life becomes.
-Frank Lloyd Wright
And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.
-Abraham Lincoln



Hye all :)
sorry coz menyepikan diri x update blog due to the various reasons;
busyy rayee , assgnment , final .
im so sorry .
t klw free i wat jew enntry wlupun dh lmbt . 
hehe . owkay :D