Thursday, 31 July 2014

historic eyes of wewe

A few moments ago, all of us. Both of my parents, my siblings had our talks. We sat in a circle on dining table talked about our childhood history. It's started all because of me for being sooo soooo soooooo ignorant. This time around my eyes were in reddish but I didn't felt itchy neither swollen. It might happen this morning perhaps? Because of what? I wore contact lens. A few months ago since I knew that I'm short sightedness (macam sakit barah je) I don't want to use glasses. I just use contact lenses until I felt takkan malam2 nak drive g mcd pun nk pakai lens? So I decided to buy a glasses with my current power (wuuuuu). But yet I don't know how to pick the right glasses design due to I never worn a glasses! I guess it's too big and it's not suit with my face. Hmm. So, I still use lenses until I bought a lenses together with my cousin. It didn't match my eyes. I don't know what is happening. I never face that problem. Usually okay. All of sudden one of the lens really irritated my eyes and it makes my eyes reddish and tears flowed andddd I cannot help it to stop it! So I decided not to use frequently.  Only that lens laa. Nak dijadikan cerita, all my lenses dh expired. So have to use the one yg problemo tuu. And yes its comes from that lens! Because of that lens, few weeks after not using it, bought a new one that highly recommend by optometrist. But it goes same. Maybe my eyes cannot coop with another existence of lens kot (dramatic nya) so early july before my birthday,  I cannot open my eyes and its really painful. See through the mirror,  omg! Reddish,  swollen eyes lagi I cannot explain. Veryyy ermm. So, since this tragedy ingatkan tahu menyesal ke apa. About a month I didn't wear any lens or didn't put glasses pun. So itried to use lens masa raya ni. But it happen again. So I showed my parents my eyes condition.  So they were worried and told that my eyes cannot accept those thing anymore due to my history. Haa what history?

Back in end of 1993 or early 1994, Wewe was 1 year and half that time. Ayah was outstation, so everytime ayah outstation, we will stay at rumah nenek (Mommy's mother) so easier for mommy to go to work (that time she was in epf pj branch) in short, wewe is soooooooo hyperactive girl. Siang time while mommy at work, little wewe entered pak njang's room and applied something on her face, on her hair, on her eyes. Suddenly she scream to nenek, "pedihh, sakit tak nampak" (something mcm tu kot since 1 year n half kan) nenek was so panicked look at her cucu mata macam orang high je. Haha so she wash wewe's eyes and afraid will have infection or what kan. Mandikan si budak wewe ni. After that, tak ok jugak nenek asked pak njang and usu to send me to the clinic. Right after mommy went home after working. Nenek told to mommy what did wewe do. Hailaaa, sudahlah husband outstation,  have to go to work by her own. Anak2 plak buat hal. Tirednya and sedihh with the news tu. I knew she was strong. Pak ngah went to nenek's crib and saw wewe's condition.  He was shocked and asked mommy to bring wewe to hospital. Look at wewe she cannot see, all she can do is cried for help and bear the pain. So, wewe was a pirate! But with both eyes closed. So doctor advised to come the next day for another treatment. So pak ngah sent wewe for check up for the next day. Everyone is helping her out. I hope wewe don't simply forget what and who are the people that really love and took care of her when she's in trouble. Pak ngah sent to eyes specialist also for wewe's treatment. Until the day ayah went home from outstation and saw his girl being a pirate make his heart goes like... (ish anak aku ni menyusahkan orang je) mommy still remembered the phrased and told me the phrase "hihihi (being a ghost scare mongering others with both eyes closed with eye pad)" and the moment wewe can see the world, she saw ayah bald his hair and wewe like "ayah tutak ayah tutak (ayah botak ayah botak)" did you'll wondering what wewe applying to her eyes, hair and face? ubat panau salap yang pedih tu. Hahaha. According to mommy, my eyes already infect and it cannot resist any kind of this piece or tons of shzzzzz. Hehe

So, wewe big girls now. I wanna thanks to all my uncles that being there for me and support your sister (mommy). Okay wewe sayang mata wewe. Taknak buta so will take care of this eyes. And will stop menyusahkan others. Sorry but thanks :)

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

a little awkward, perhaps

Last night when I met you, you weren't that excited like last 2 week ago. Why you're acting so differently? Last time I met you, i only saw you and your ego. Is that real you? This time around I couldn't express my self because I felt too awkward. Tell me I'm just mistaken. I saw you so happy to see me. I also don't know what is exactly happening around. I thought it was just a dream because I'm speechless to talk about how am I supposed to face this situation. Need the key to get out from this sober. But I can't find it.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

choose choice chosen chose

Everybody had a choice.
Everybody deserve a second choice.
Everybody had a right to choose.
Everybody are choosy.
Everybody are chosen one.

He made a choice.
He choose to leave.
He left without saying goodbye.

She gives him choices.
She doesn't had a choice.
She insist to stay even if it's hurt.

You always had two or more choices,
Whether to leave or to stay.
You choose your happines.

I need to choose,
For saying good luck nor good bye.
Good luck!
And good bye.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

3rd July

Aww, 3rd July already passed by, a bit late to update.
I wanna thanks my family, my friends and my love and you!
for wishing my birthday wishes.
Don't wanna post my pic during my birthday celebration with my family
Cause I am so messyyyyy! Yes I am.
Alhamdulilah this year still get my own cake.
Wehoo! Really miss all the celebration from my friends. 
Btw here my 22nd birthday cake. Muah yummy!