Friday, 26 April 2013

Another day

And if you're listening, I miss you.
And if you hear me now, I need you.

Where did you go?
Cause you're not gone
Everyone knows that something's wrong
There was a cut and I'm alone

I know we're getting closer
I know you're coming back for me this time
This time.

And do you ever want me, do you ever need me?
I know that you left before goodbye.
And it's okay, there's always another day.
And anytime you want me, anytime you see me
I don't think you meant to say goodbye
But it's okay, there's always another day.

Your voice comes in and now it's fading,
I can't believe this is so frustrating.
Cause you never seem to understand
And you let me slip straight through your hands
And how does it feel to be alone?

"Another day by Paramore"

Sunday, 7 April 2013