Sunday, 30 March 2014

I'm sorry

I guess my mind on weaving and I'm too confused with myself. I was wrong. Yes honey I'm wrong I admitted it. Because I didn't ask you, I didn't tell you, I didn't inform you. It is not like what you think. The first you caught me when I get that thing in trouble and you didn't ask for an explaination,  but you  straight away shout to me that you don't wanna hear anything. I was too shocked. You never acted like this before. Normally you were the one that act very calm if anything happen and you will asked for an explaination. But maybe I'm destroying your trust wall towards me? I knew that my sorry isn't worth to you. I knew I'm disappointing you. But I really beg for your sorry. It is alright if you don't want to forgive me. I'm ready to face it because I created all the problems. If you want me to leave, gently I'll go. I'm really sorry.

Monday, 24 March 2014


Having talks with my girls this eve. A lot we talked about. Study, work, money, interest, family, self and guys. Guysss? Hmm seems interesting.  Hehe. Why? Look, this is a thought from girls about boys. Not all are the facts. If it same that's mean coincidence. What we discussed about is, have you ever heard this quotes? 'I don't trust words, but action' that's mean when a boy says he loves you, don't simply trust it if he didn't prove it. Well that just a thought. But for me, I hold for both of it. Words and action. Let see if he takes all the action but you still didn't understand and wondering 'is it he like me or he just do this same to all the girls out there? But he didn't say anything either he like me or not' that's why I believe both of it. What I'm trying to say here is what I experienced it right now. I don't know his feeling towards me, is it he done all the things same to all the girls out there? Am I special to him? Who am I to him? A lots of questions come out rather than the answers. Hahaha funny tho. Sometimes I just can't stop thinking about it. Hell yeah I knew it just wasting my time. But it's come out spontaneously. Hmm, is it he changed or I still don't know his true color? I couldn't figure it out. I'm confused and speechless. I couldn't continue to write it. Sorryyyy