Sunday, 23 February 2014


"Kita jaga aib orang, Allah jaga aib kita"

                      SubhanAllah! So shame with all the sins that you ever did once upon time ago?  Sometimes you realize it, you want to change it but you failed to escape and run away from it. It was like you're trap in a room but you saw a door and you tried to open it and it's lock! You're trying to find the key to open it but you can't because you don't have that strong mind and body to do it. You can't run away from it and you don't know where to go. What's you can do is keep stay and think another alternative. You trying to shout but no one hear it. You cried and cried all over again just to make yourself release from the insanity. It's not that you're weak or stupid. But you tied with something in that room! All you can do is ask Allah for help because only Him can see you, can hear you when no one does. It's quite a while until someone found you. Someone that being your hero and he fight with all your sorrow and help you out. Allah sent him to guide you to let you go from the suffer lived in that smelly and dirty room for years! And that time, you felt happy because now you can escape from it, you forgot to thank Him? And that time only him knew what you're doing in that empty shit room for years. He kept quite and tring to lead you to right path where you can't even barely stand to walk to the right path. You felt happy because you already found someone to hold. But in the middle of the way, you both fell down and he realize he was wrong because he didn't carry you with the right way.  But he still want you to be good. He makes you keep on track until the end of the road which is there is no end and you can't stop.

 "Thanks cause always reminding me to always remind to Allah. Allah heard my du'a. Alhamdulillah. I hope he's the one that can lead me and complete what I lack of and raise up my weakness into strength."