Thursday, 17 November 2011

I love you , yes !

i don't care what you want to say about me .
This my blog . my space . 
If you hate me , my story or anything .
just click 'x' and get out !
thank you .

okehhh , the above is only an advertisement . 

actually , nobody knows what happen .
and everybody are making their own assumption .
okay now i want to tell about it .
Between me and him are over ?
No . .
we have a little bit conflict , that it's normal stage in a relationship .
and the thing is how you able to manage it .
and i'm thankful to ALLAH because he is matured in thinking and action .
he can handle me which is i am a "little kiddo"
everything are settle now n how much i can't live withoy you . really ??
my status "never planned that one day i'll be losing you" is in the lyrics of
 The one that got away-Katy Perry
and then i realize that what if it happen to me ?
hurmmm .
maybe it hard for me but i will move on .
expect what we unexpected !
Jyeahhh !

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