Thursday, 31 October 2013

it comes from my deep heart

Have you ever feel it? Haven't you? Hmm. This kinda feeling. Ugh! I just hate it.  But it's a part of our life.  We have to been through it to make me, you and all of us stronger. What kind of feeling? The breaking point really makes me down. Sometimes. And I really need time to recover. Outer look I might look normal, happy etc. But on the inner, broken, misery, confused and a lot of negative things there. Yeah, I need time to separate the bad and negatives thought in my deep heart and my mind. Because it can lead us to act towards people around us. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to torture your thought and feeling.  "Why she didn't reply me?" "Why she..." "why you..." "what did I do?" "How it happen?" You might don't know me. But the fact is you dont even know me. The true me. Now, I know how to be independent.  Move on. All I want is hmm you not worth it to know what I need and want. If you really into me. You will naturally knew what I need and want. If you don't know, that's mean you're not meant to me. I have one question. Did all guys are same? No? Yes? Hmm, should I trust you? Trust my feeling towards you? Don't be dumbass wewe. Because it will hurt you. Yes, really hurt me. I thought you were different. But hey, it's not the first time I was wrong. Or I always wrong? Erm, did you do to all girls like what you do to me? I dont felt I'm special. So stay away from me. Cause you telling me lie. All the things you do is sooooooooo..... funny huh? Well, my heart is hurt. So, I'm in recovery process. And it's not easy as you thought. But I knew what is my strength.  So I move on with my strength.  And I hope it stand still cause im afraid it's fragile like my heart too. So, I decided to move on and choose the freedom. When the times has come, I will open up my heart. Feelings change, people change, our tongue has no bone. It can say whatever it want and can change whatever it's says. Thanks heart.

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