Saturday, 25 February 2012


bismilahhirahmanirahim. assalamualaikum readers :) it's been a long time that i'm not updating my blog. i'm sorry cause i have many priority as a students. cehhhhh! blogging is not that much important then my assignment. right?
hahaha. by the way. today i want to share with all of you about i'm going to Universal Singapore Studio!
ngeeee. okay first thing first i wanna thanks to Qita and Along cause invite me to go USS. we went with event tempat kerja Along. firstly, i mcm xtahu nak pergi ke x cause i nak balik masa cuti maulidur rasul plus thaipussam. then i tanya byk2 pihak. why have i to tolak peluang ni? kan? so i ckp dgn Qita i follow her. then i siap buat passport semua dgn girlfren puteri2 ni. thanks to Syida, Mira, Wani and Nad. :) teman berejam kat imigresen. huhuhu. then sorry semua xada souvenier. xkaya masa itu. HAHAHA. so i dont have thing to talk about. so enjoy this :)

Qita wanna buy some fruits?

teropong apa yang ada kat USS

there my castle yooo

im in NY!


muka penat. hihihi

im here USS

Qita and USS globe

shrek's house

that's all. sorry lambat update. :)


  1. Hamboi kemain lagi . Siap buat pasport . Banyak nya duit dia HAHA

  2. mesti buat passport nak ke oversea kan? ahahaha :)